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Integrative Medical Care Jyoti Patel MD

 Our core values are authenticity, compassion and excellence. Our mission is to provide exceptional health and medical service to our patients of all ages. 

AIMS is a pioneer in Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine. We believe in integrating mind-body medicine with conventional medicine. We are comfortable with managing complex patients who seek to find the root cause of their illness using Functional lab testing and are open to alternative treatments. 

We see ourselves as consultants for our patients and openly discuss our medical recommendations along with the risks and benefits of treatment.  Patients can feel confident that we will closely listen to their concerns and partner with them to create a well-rounded pathway to wellness!

jyoti patel m.d.f.a.a.P.F.A.c.p

Jyoti Patel MD Integrative Medicine & Functional Medicine

Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Integrative Medicine & Functional Medicine 

Jyoti Patel MD was named one of the TOP DOCS in Phoenix Magazine 2009, 2016, Healthcare Provider of the Year 2017 by the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce and Internist of the Year 2011 by the American College of Physicians Arizona Chapter. She is uniquely trained, triple board-certified and practices Pediatrics, Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine. She is also certified in Functional Medicine.

Dr. Patel has a special interest in Integrative Medicine, Women’s health, Pediatric & Adolescent care, Functional Medicine, MBSR, Nutrition and Medical Cosmetics.

Integrative medicine

Board Certified Integrative Medicine Functional Medicine

How are we different?

Integrative Medicine is a patient-centered model of medicine where we address the whole person, not just a disease or symptoms. We use both evidence-based Conventional Medicine and Functional Medicine diagnostics to find the root cause of disease by looking at the interactions between genetics, environmental, and lifestyle factors.  We offer our patients cutting edge labs in colon health, hormones, cardiac risk, detoxification, allergy and nutrient testing to identify areas of improvement and optimize wellness.

We blend both Western and Eastern Medicine with a focus on nutrition, movement, supplements, stress reduction and mindset to restore balance and bring the mind and body back into alignment. 

The Power of Neuroplasticity

Rays of Hope Keynote Speech by Julie Rake PA-C, Integrative Mental Health Specialist


Integrative Mental Health Julie Rake

  Julie Rake began her career in 2003 as a Family Practice PA where she specialized in internal medicine and women’s health.  After experiencing the limitations of the current medical model, she sought new ways to better help her patients heal. She attended the Integrative Medicine Fellowship at the University of Arizona under the tutelage of Integrative Medicine leader Dr. Andrew Weil and graduated in 2015. 

Currently, Julie specializes in integrative mental health (IMH). IMH supports a whole body approach to mental health utilizing multiple fields of medicine, various healing modalities, mind-body medicine and nutritional sciences. Julie’s special areas of practice include addressing mental health problems, PTSD, recovery from brain injury, coping with grief and loss, teaching mind-body medicine and spiritual counseling. 

Julie is the current President of the Board of Directors for the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona. She is a provider for the SPARTA Project, a non-profit organization whose mission is to help heal the moral and spiritual wounds of our war-fighters and veterans. She is strongly committed to serving her patients and her community. She says, “When we heal ourselves we become healers, and when we help others to heal, they will go out and affect the world in powerful and beneficial ways.” 

Gina duxbury- office manager

Integrative & Functional Medicine AZ Integrative Medicine & Spa

 Gina is efficient and well organized in assisting Dr. Patel in the administrative duties of the office. She ensures a smooth and effortless process in conducting behind the scenes tasks that makes our office function smoothly. Her attention to detail and strong follow through is an indispensable asset to the company. 

raena cuevas -esthetician, CLT

Medical Laser Aesthetics

 Raena is a licensed Esthetician and an AZ State Certified Cosmetic Laser Professional. She is originally from  Long Island, New York  now practicing in Arizona. She has been in the Cosmetic/Medical Industry performing multiple services including Chemical Peels, Dermal Infusion, and a variety of Cosmetic Laser Treatments since 2008. Raena is an enthusiastic staff member at AIMS with a strong passion for skincare who strives to provide excellent, personalized service to each client that enters her treatment room. 

Our Partners

sharon brack hhc aadp functional nutritionist

Functional Nutrition Sharon Brack

 Sharon Brack, from I Know Me, is a Functional Nutritionist who provides a genetically guided + holistic approach to health and wellness. Her approach is not to dwell on calories, rather discover your ideal genetic predispositions with carbs, fats, proteins, micronutrients, and exercise. Discover a deeper understanding of your foods and lifestyle choices that is customized for you. We also offer customized IV Nutrition infusions based on your needs.  For a Functional Nutrition consultation, please visit https://www.iknowme.health/ or call Sharon at (480) 220-9882 

charlie Piermarini pa-c pain management

Pain Management Charlie Piermarini

  Charlie Piermarini PA-C from Restorative Care of Arizona provides Integrative Pain modalities such as dry needling, trigger point injections, PRP and stem cell modalities. He is a medical expert in CBD Oil and is enthusiastic about teaching his patients about the benefits of this medical herbal product.   

To book an appointment with Charlie Piermarini PA-C at our office on Fridays or questions about pricing, visit his website at https://restorativecareaz.com/ or call (480) 586-3000 

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