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Internal Medicine Pediatrics Integrative and Functional Medicine

  This is an hour deep dive into one's health with our Integrative and Functional Medicine Physician, Jyoti Patel MD, to locate the root cause of symptoms and create a comprehensive health plan to optimize wellness. It is our mission to provide comprehensive medical care with excellence & compassion! $500


Integrative Medicine Wheel

  After the initial integrative consultation, the complexity of certain medical conditions may require further diagnostic workup, initiation of treatment and close follow up. Obtaining a package of six 30 minute visits with our medical doctor, Jyoti Patel MD, can allow for online support, phone evaluations, continuity of care, close surveillance and ensures compliance of treatment recommendations. $1800 

Class Schedule

Nutrition Classes

Meditation Mondays at 12n $5

Food & Friends at 11AM Wednesdays $5

 Yoga Nidra Meditation Tuesdays 2PM $20


Intravenous Nutrition Therapy

 Because each person is unique, your intravenous nutrition (IV) infusion will be specifically tailored for you by Dr. Jyoti Patel. To customize your drip, our physician may request you obtain nutritional blood work or your personal physician’s approval prior to administering any IV infusions. 

Integrative Mental Health Visit with Julie Rake

Julie Rake Integrative Mental Health Provider

 Our Integrative Mental Health Provider, Julie Rake specializes in integrative mental health (IMH). IMH supports a whole body approach to mental health utilizing multiple fields of medicine, various healing modalities, mind-body medicine and nutritional sciences. Julie’s special areas of health and medical practice include addressing mental health problems, PTSD, recovery from brain injury, coping with grief and loss, teaching mind-body medicine and spiritual counseling. $300/hour

Mental Health CONTINUITY package

Integrative Medicine Consultation

 After the initial mental health consultation, the complexity of certain mental health conditions may require further health and medical investigation, treatment and close follow up. We offer a package of three visits to provide continuity of care with Julie Rake. $750/package of 3 one hour visits.