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Functional Medicine Integrative Medicine

What is integrative medicine?

The Integrative Medicine practitioner embodies health, as a steward of healing. If the patient wants to investigate the root cause of their symptoms with specialized diagnostic testing, we incorporate a Functional Medicine Approach to wellness. Our holistic visit will explore your goals, your timeline that may include childhood experiences, cultural or religious arenas, and lifestyle choices regarding exercise, food, supplements, environments, behaviors and even thinking patterns. The patient can expect to learn a variety of natural methods to deal with issues and enhance and invigorate their lives. The patient can expect to have a confidential and trusting relationship with the medical provider. The dialogue is not limited to health and medical. The patient may desire services in our full service medical spa. 

Health and Medical Spa Questions Answered

No, insurances do not cover this service.

Integrative Medicine seeks to delve deep into the mind, body and spirit of the patient in order to heal deep wounds, reverse chronic disease processes and revitalize lives. This multi-layered approach requires a great deal of time and attention. This is simply not a service insurance plans will cover.  It is in the category of “wellness,” a complimentary service. Integrative Medicine consultations are not only good for our health; they have the ability to revitalize and invigorate suspended and infirm lives. Patients with private insurance and HSA accounts may be able to use their medical benefits for payment. We are happy to provide a superbill for your submission. Since we are opted out of Medicare benefits, any Medicare patient will not be allowed to file with Medicare for services rendered.

How Do i schedule an integrative consult?

We encourage you to start with our free 15 minute phone call to see if we are right for you. Subsequently, we will be happy to book your medical visit with our provider. Our staff can provide the necessary forms to fill out before your visit. We ask that you submit these forms to the office a minimum of 5 days prior to your appointment, so our providers can better prepare for your visit. Your first visit has to be in person but your follow-up visits can be via a telehealth video or phone call.

What does an Integrative Consult cost?

Upon scheduling the medical visit, you will be asked to place a $100 deposit to secure your appointment. This deposit will be applied to your service. We understand sometimes life gets in the way, please call and cancel a minimum of 24 hours before your visit to avoid a $100 no-show fee.

One Hour Integrative Consultation is $500

Continuity of Care Package (with Six 30 minute Visits) is $1800

Can i get my labs, prescriptions, sick care and referrals at my consultation?

We ask you to retain your primary care provider for any insurance based primary care and after hours urgent care services. Since our goal at AIMS is to focus on natural alternatives to optimize your health, any emergent care for acute illness, prescriptions such as narcotics, sedatives, controlled substances, antibiotics are not in the scope of our practice. In certain cases, our medical providers may recommend further diagnostic workup with routine and specialty labs such as micronutrient, stool analysis, SIBO, food allergy testing, hormone testing, cardiovascular testing or heavy metal screens. We will do our best so you may run these labs through your insurance, but some of the specialized functional medicine testing may be not be covered by insurance. We work with a community of specialists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, chiropracters, massage therapists, counselors and nutritionists, but we cannot process insurance referrals. We are more than happy to recommend ones we trust to you.

Can I book a follow up visit?

Absolutely yes! We look forward to seeing you again. We encourage you to book your follow up medical visit after your initial consultation, so we can ensure you get the time and day that is most preferable. We encourage you to consider the Continuity of Care Package of six visits to ensure you have the support you need to be successful in your health goals.

We hope you enjoy our Integrative Medicine Consults, our intention is help you optimize your health and deliver true healing.